Welcome to the Cranbrook Working Dog Group!


     We are a small club dedicated to DOG SPORT. We train for IGP Sport, and CKC tracking trials; both under CKC, Canadian Kennel Club rules, and GSSCC, German Shepherd Schutzhund Club of Canada rules. Our training group is open to dedicated dog owners who wish to participate in IGP - Schutzhund dog sport competitively, and or just CKC Tracking. Most breeds of dogs are welcome to participate.


Training Times:

 Saturday, 9am Sunday, 9am


Please Contact for Drop-In Rates

Dogs MUST have Kennel Cough and UTD on shots!


Upcoming 2022 Event:

1. GSSCC Club Trial, AD, BH-VT, IGP1-3
2. Lance Collins & Gabi Hoffmann Seminar 

Dates to TBA SOON!!!

CKC Tracking - OPEN to Pet Owners!

*K9 Utility offers a tracking only membership to pet owners new to the sport of tracking, and or owners looking to learn a new activity they can do with their dog. If you think your dog could use an extra job, e-mail us to get more information! Tracking only season dates are:
May 1st - October 30th

Tracking Memberships are Open to 4 spots per season Only!

Accreditation Trial Team, GSSCC K9 Utility Cranbrook Working Dog Club, August 27th, 2021.